Major Trophy Winners 2017/2018

  Qld Trophy Distributor’s Club Person of the Year

  Dr Russell Parry

  President’s Trophy


  –  Female Swimmer

  Amy Pritchard

  –  Male Swimmer

  Eli Armah

  John Goss Points Trophy


  –  Female Swimmer

  Elaine Chu

  –  Male Swimmer

  Eli Armah

  Matthies Family 25m Trophy


  –  Female Swimmer

  Aisling Hooper

  –  Male Swimmer

  Ronan Wiles

  Kim Grayson Memorial Trophy

  Chelsea Mayer

  Jocelyn Radcliffe Development Trophy

  Hayden Morrison

  Eloise Gannon Memorial Trophy

  Alexandra Mattea     

  Richards Family Trophy

  Elaine Chu

  The Barnaba Family Encouragement Award

  Claira Galle

  The Coach’s Award for Excellence

  Jeevika Narayan

  The Coach’s Award for Juniors

  Cody Steele

  Norm Wyndham Encouragement Trophy


  –  Female Swimmer

  Emma Dodd

  –  Male Swimmer

  Harvey Mellor

  O’Sullivan Family Encouragement Trophy

  Henry Fraser

  10 Year Trophy

  Brianna Trafford

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