Club Night Procedures

Friday Night Program

6.15 pm – 6.25 pm Record attempts
6.25 pm – 6.30 pm Announcements
6.30 pm Swimming starts

Points to note:

  1. Swimmers are responsible for reporting to the Race Marshall when their names are called. The marshaling area should be accessed via the shallow end of the pool only. There are two sets of chairs that the children will be asked to sit in: each chair represents a swim lane. As they get to Marshaling the marshal will tell them what lane they are going to swim in; they will then sit in the chair number for that lane. They will move from the chairs onto the area behind the starting blocks. The referee will ask the swimmers to get on the blocks, and then the starter will commence the event. A referee will be checking that the swimmer is touching the wall correctly depending on the event, have turned correctly or ensure they did the correct stroke. If there has been a problem, the referee will raise this with the child, remembering that this is a learning environment. We want the children to know exactly what to do in the event they move to their school carnivals or competitive events.

  2. Swimming caps must be worn in the pool at all times. (No lycra caps permitted)

  3. For the start of each race (after the referee’s whistle), we ask for complete silence from the stand and all movement to cease.

  4. At the end of a race, swimmers must stay in the water in their correct lanes with caps on until the Referee instructs them to leave the water. Swimmers must then exit by the steps on both sides of the pool.

  5. No smoking is allowed within the school grounds.


Pool Safety

  1. Please remember to WALK – no running around the pool at any time.

  2. Swimming caps are a must for all swimmers.

  3. All swimmers must be under the direct supervision of an adult. Please do
    not drop children off and leave unless you have designated an adult to be
    responsible for your swimmer/s.

  4. No ball games.

  5. No running/acrobatics/skipping/gymnastics in the area at the top of the pool.


Toilets & Rubbish

It would be greatly appreciated if children were not permitted to play in the showers and around the toilets. We would also appreciate assistance in keeping the stands clean by removing rubbish at the end of the evening.

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