Qualifying Times

Graduation Qualifying Times

The following are the qualifying times to move up to the next distance. Swimmers must beat this time twice before moving to the next distance.

Once a swimmer has completed all 4 strokes, they are then eligible to nominate for the Individual Medley.


Freestyle 12.5m 25m 50m 15s 25s 40s 25m 50m 100m
Breaststroke 12.5m 25m 50m 17s 29s 50s 25m 50m 100m
Backstroke 12.5m 25m 50m 16s 28s 47s 25m 50m 100m
Butterfly 12.5m 25m 50m 15s 27s 43s 25m 50m 100m
Individual Medley 4 x25m 1.40 4x50m


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