Club Night Procedures

Help make club nights even more fun

At Aspley Swimming Club, the focus is on our regular fun-filled Club Nights, held at the Aspley State School swimming pool on Friday evenings during school terms 1 and 4. 

On Club Night, swimmers measure their successes based on self-improvement as they work towards beating their own personal best times. Most of our swimmers are recreational swimmers but we are also seeing stronger participation in competition swimming at external events for those swimmers who enjoy the added challenge of racing.

We have a large and sociable club, so please familiarise yourself with the rules and procedures found here so that we can all benefit from a smooth-running night that is enjoyable for all:

Rules & Procedures

There really aren't that many but if everyone respects the same processes, then our evenings run more smoothly.


Please ensure that any changes to strokes or cancellations are emailed to before 8pm Thursday evenings. This gives us enough time to ensure that the club night events program runs as smoothly as possible.

Lend a hand

There are many ways to volunteer throughout the season and share the load:




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